Friday, May 1, 2009

The Professor Said "Tara Pa Pa"

Suave. Cool. Urbane. Educated. That is the image of Arsene Wenger aka "the professor" aka "the child trafficker".

Now the professor has spoken. The children he has trafficked from all over the world will deliver come next tie against Manchester United. While uttering the heavily French-accented English he maintained that 0-1 deficit is nothing. His squad of multi-colored national will out-outplay United thus reaching the Final which to be played in Rome come next May.His body and soul is in Rome now for he thinks a squad which consists of Rooney, Ronaldo, Vidic etc etc is for his to steamroll on.

Does he ever put a few seconds and ponders? Did Arsenal win anything for the past how-many-years? With this current squad of his? Dream on greying professor..

But for the time being he seem to content sipping his wine while slowly repeatedly saying.. tara pa pa, tara pa pa, taa pa pa..

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