Monday, April 27, 2009

Remember That "Tun"?.

He is a man of whom I am not sure his lineage of. He really got it mixed up early on. Maybe his father is not the same type of people like me, or was it his mother? I don't know, but he is my favourite subject of ridicule due to his "tara pa pa" attitude.

For a start, he is a doctor. But he choose to practice politics instead of medicine much to my dismay because our country is in shortage of good general practitioner.

His star shone so bright in politics. Soon he became the leader. He is a well known figure throughout the world. Very popular. But not so amongst us. Thank God, he no longer the leader now.

During his leadership, he took the 'tara pa pa" term to the greatest height with his policies. My oh my... he wanted our country to be fully developed in 2020. That was comically nonsense. Just look at Japan, how many decades they labored to achieved that status. France? United Kingdom?

How can we be a developed nation if our university ranking kept on plunging lower and lower year after year? We need a learned community in the first place. How about food? We still have to import our foods due to our primitive way of doing planting & harvesting. He embraced industrialisation instead of agriculture. He wanted to build the biggest, the longest and the grandest. He got it. After all it was from state coffers not his money anyway. Who cares, right?

I know in his heart he must be saying "tara pa pa", "tara pa pa", "tara pa pa"... countless of times.

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