Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nirvana also subscribeb to this "Tara Pa Pa".

Many of us would recall that we have a brand new kind of song dished out to us from a band originated in Seattle about a decade ago, maybe more than a decade. It's music is strange to me, loud and brash. Nevertheless it managed to attracted a huge following and the band itself has become an icon of that era. The band was Nirvana.

That song was "Nevermind". I dont fully understand the lyrics and I will never try to. It was loud and brand new. Something that we didnt usually hear on the airwaves in those days. It stuck on mind and played by itself in my ear for a couple of days.

The band also came up with another hits like Teen Spirit or whatever etc etc. But Nevermind truly described the band. And the band made tonnes and tonnes of money too!

But being so true to their hit song, Nirvana soon lose the grip. More so when the lead singer Kurt Cobain died needlessly due to drug abuse.

Its true "Nevermind" bore the same meaning as "Tara Pa Pa".

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