Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu

This outbreak reminds me of the one that happened in Malaysia in March 1999. We were taken by surprise then. Not knowing what to do and we didn't have the expertise to handle such an urgent situation.

The outbreak was caused by a newly-known virus to mankind, the Nipah Virus. Pigs are the breeding ground of this virus as in the case of Swine Flu virus. The main source of infection remains continuing exposure to pigs. 86% of people who died during the outbreak were those who involved in pig farming.

So please folks, for the time being eat something else. Pork can wait. Soon when the situation is back to normal, be my guest, enjoy your usual "bak kut teh/pork rib soup".

But don't forget, never ever "tara pa pa" this time around because of the danger swine flu virus can do upon us.
Compare to Nipah Virus, the Swine Flu virus is much easily to be transmitted. I don't know why, but one smart-head scientist said that. Since I don't have the credintial to argue, I will duly agree.
But then again, is pork that tasty? I don't consume pork. Tara pa pa..

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