Monday, April 27, 2009

That "Tara Pa Pa" Tun Again.

He is my favorite subject though I won't be dedicating this blog to him only. I've other subjects of interest too. But then again, the temptation to have a dig at him is just so great.

When this favorite "Tun" of mine decided enough is enough and stepping down, he said he won't take any part of running the country anymore. He was going to over indulge in his favorite past time, carpentry.

Nah! I won't buy it. Any man in a sound mind wouldn't believe that either. After all, he has ruled & ruined the country for ages, for decades.

After what was seemed a self-imposed exile from the country's scene (much to our delight), he is at it again. Again... oh dear! In my heart of hearts, I thought he is already completed his sculpture, say a wooden miniature model of a crooked bridge, a twin-towers or a majestic grandeur palace. No? Never. He is at it again. Much to the chagrin of his followers and critics alike.

Dear oh dear... he has the guts to take the rostrum again. Speaking his mind. Lambasting people. And the crowd responded too, cheering him to go on. But didn't he realized that people are mocking him, making fun of him. We wanted it so bad he will stay at home or take vacation elsewhere and enjoy his retirement. Period.

Simply put, we don't want our dearest "Tara Pa Pa Tun" to further damaging his image. After all we don't need a "Tara Pa Pa Tun". Don't we?

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