Sunday, April 26, 2009

Totenham Hotspurs Did A "Tara Pa Pa".

How many of us has watched a game of football of which a team was leading 2-0 before half-time, but ended up as losers by a 2-5 score line? The game was held yesterday and shown live on Malaysian satellite t.v. It was Manchester United vs Totenham Hotspurs.

During the first-half of the game, Hotspurs looked set to clinch the tie thanks to strikes from Darren Bent and Luka Modric. They very much controlled the game and making the right movement on the park with the neat passing game they played. On the other hand, Manchester United looked jaded and clueless, more so after that two goals. It was a nervous night to them, especially when the tie was played infront of their fans in their own home stadium, the Old Trafford.

But as true champions United made ammend during the second-half. Blessed with luck a penalty kick was given to them and duly converted by Christiano Ronaldo. Soon all hell broke loose. United launch wave after wave of attack towards Spurs goal. First Wayne Rooney drew them level, then another rare headed goal from Ronaldo, then Rooney scored again, then Dimitar Berbatov rubbed another round of salt to Spurs wound.

How many games like this have we watch on t.v? Spurs just throw it away. Headless chickens. They dont have the balls and the guts. Chicken out. Cowards.

Or was it the ''tara pa pa" attitude? That nevermind attitude? "Oh we are leading by 2-0 now, the game is ours".

Surely they will win the game if their opponent was from 2nd Division, but not against Manchester United. Sorry folks, you just threw it away.

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