Sunday, May 24, 2009

3-0. Fuyyoo!

It was just too good to be true.

It was like a division three team defeating Manchester United with the same scoreline. Hard to digest. No matter how many papers would be presented in explaining the scoreline, it is still going to be hard to digest.

First of all, how could Aziz be so wrong in the first place? How could he? After years and years of practise? Were those three making fun of him? Ridiculing him even?

Why Aziz decided 'this way', whereas the other three (all of them!) decided that way!

Aziz is all alone. Actually, 4 already has decided 'that way'!

In the first place, why appointed Aziz? Didn't they know who is Aziz? They should check on Aziz before appointing him because of the gravity of the situation. That was no low profile thing. People are watching.

They have committed a real blunder here. Damn good one, in appointing Aziz.

Because from day one, Aziz has shown the world his spine is made of hard-rock-solid bone not made of some 'lalang'. He is not spineless like the other after him.

Us, the people will scratch our heads. Another 'wayang' is unfolding. Another 'wayang' is being shoved down our throat.


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