Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Braim Used to Listen to Madonna

Braim's full name is Muzaffar Ibrahim. He is one of my close friend during my school days. We were classmates and dorm-mates once. We both grew up in the 80's where music still has some decency. Just imagine what "Like A Virgin" video will look like if it were sung by Beyonce or the likes these days? Surely we are going to watch some semi-nude bodies slithering and writhing to emphasise the song.

Braim got hooked to this song when we were in Form 2. That was 1985. Maybe Madonna's provocative pose got the better of him. We were school boys then and Madonna was among the raunchiest act. But, undeniably it was good stuff nonetheless. If it wasn't, the singer won't be around till today.

We may not like Madonna. We may not enjoy her music. But Braim begs to differ.

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