Friday, May 1, 2009

Football Robs Me of My Sleep.

It ruins me. Barclays Premier League and Champions League ruin me. Robbing me of my peaceful sleep at night. At times, I'm beginning to think that football dictates my life. Living in Malaysia only make it worse due to to screening time of live matches from England. But I could not afford to miss a match involving the team I have been following since early 90s, Manchester United. Or risk missing the titbits, be it a red card for so and so, dubious penalties, a howler or a free-for-all on the pitch.

Of all hours, some important matches be it England or Europe are televised here in Malaysia at 03.00 a.m. But us the faithful, duly glued to the t.v set as always, without fail. As usual, we will come back for more.It is just a waste of time, yelling my voice hoarse for teams far far away, risking my health on too much coffee and cigarettes, enriching the cafe owners, hanging out with unworthy companions, but who cares? tara pa pa..

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