Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Thought It Was IKAN MAIDEN!!

This group was introduced to me by Haidi Husin. He is a pilot now. The last time I saw him was somewhere in 1998 at Subang Jaya where we were having a small makan by the lake with the other ex students of SMSTI.

Back in the 80's the rage was heavy metal and rock music though some still clung to pop or new wave music.

I belong to rock/heavy metal crowd, because that was the wise thing to do at that time or you risked being sidelined by your friends. I can't beat them so I joined them. Anyway, I truly enjoy this kind of music to this day. The list will goes on and on.

At that time, as a way to express ourselves or declaring our allegiance to this group or that group or to declare that we are not 'Mat Kuntum/Mat Bunga', we used to scrawl our white shoes and school bag with writings like 'Deep Purple', 'Bon Jovi' etc2.. even the tables, the chairs, the walls were not spared of this writings.

That was how I got to know Iron Maiden! At the first glance on Haidi's school bag, I spotted some writtings in blue, using a ball-point pen of course. The way he scrawled 'R' made me mistaken it for a 'K' and the 'O' for an 'A'. So I read it as IKAN MAIDEN!!!

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