Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Isle of Bruit, Sarawak

Chances are that city dwellers like you and me will never heard about this place before. Due to its remoteness, even the people of Sarawak themselves doesn't know where it is located. But Bruit is the third largest island in Malaysia after Langkawi and Banggi. It is located at the mouth of the great Rajang River in Sarawak with an oblong shape pointing north-south.

Bruit is an island seen not worthy as a tourist destination. Not much has been done by the local authority in promoting the island.

Life is hard in Pulau Bruit but then it depends through which lense you are seeing it. In some parts of the island, people still looking up to the sky for water supply. Electricity is a luxury, many just couldn't afford a generator. Tarred road is non-existence. Thus boats, sampans and anything that can float are the preferred mode of transportion. Nevertheless, locals take this well in their stride.

No electricity, no water supply, no tarred road notwithstanding for them, life goes on. Beautifully.

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