Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Malcom X : As They Knew Him

Malcolm X 1925-1965

The book was bought in 1995. I am not sure who recommended this book to me or from whom I got to know about this hugely popular, charismatic black hero, Malcom X. Nonetheless, I became a fan after reading this book.

He was born Malcolm Little and later he when he embraced Islam, he was known as Malcom X. The surname "Little" was dropped due to it's slavery connection according to him. He was fondly known as "Brother Minister Malcolm"

In this book, there are excerpts from people who are close to him. His friend and trusted ally Benjamin Karim, Maya Angelo, Arthur Haley and many more. It can be concluded from what they said about him, Malcolm X just didn't belong to the generation. Americans be it black or white didn't ready for him. His approach was radical. He was asking for equal rights for blacks during racism at it's peak in the United States. Furthermore he was a Muslim, a practising Muslim. Long before we had Swine Flu, Malcolm X has already advised his people against consuming pork. Islam forbids eating pork.

He died at the age of 40 . He was gunned down at a hall while delivering his speech. The end of the struggle. The end of an era.

Go to this link and find out more about 'Brother Minister Malcom'.

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