Monday, May 4, 2009

Maybe, There Are Two Great Women..

Maybe, there are two great women behind every great man. Or maybe more than two. Might be three, four, who knows?

A great man is great because he is known throughout the country if not the world over. If he is known all over the world it is much better. They succeed in sports, business or politics. Oh yes, I want to talk about politician.

Politicians are rich people. Who wants to be a politician if the outcome will be getting less money?They are good in business too. Many of them are given government contracts to build towers, bridges or palatial mansions.

Being popular figures due to their good looks, soon they are surrounded by females. Those females come from far and wide. They came from as far as England, US, Japan, Tibet or Mongolia. They risked their life to meet their knight in the shining armour.

Some of them unfortunately conned by the employment agencies and end up in deportation camp, some being duped into prostitution, some end up in factories, some end up better as maids or some even end up being blown into oblivion.

Behind every great man, there many great woman who sacrificed themselves. Willingly or unknowingly.

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