Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother Tongue

"Mother knows best." Remember? Please remember that in case you never heard about it before. Regardless of who you are now or how high the corporate ladder have you climbed. Mother simply knows best. Period.

Thus, mother tongue is the best language to be used in schools. But my dear country has fallen in love with English, head over heels. In the name of progress, some smart brain up there thought it fits the students to be thought in English. At what cost?

Very little those smart brains know about Unesco findings on education.

“Teachers have known for years the value of teaching children in their mother tongue,” says Nadine Dutcher, a consultant with the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington D.C.
Read the full article, UNESCO's Education Today Newsletter

Educators are increasingly convinced of the value of multilingual education, and studies show that children learn better in their mother tongue.UNESCO's Education Today newsletter No.6 highlights how emotional this whole issue is and outlines the huge political and economic obstacles.

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