Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pekak Badak

Pekak and badak are Malay words. Pekak means deaf while badak is rhino in English.

Pekak Badak is a very popular term amongst the Malay people.

The meaning is simply to make fun of the person it is intended to.

Put your imagination to a good use. Imagine. A fat-balding-ugly-smelly-heinous-dirty-horny-greedy rhino and to make matters worse, the bloody rhino is deaf!

We can't shoo the rhino off our backyard. It's horn is menacing enough.

But we can't stand the smell. Filth. Rancid. A rhino will gobbles up everything in your backyard.

Shout at the top of your lung, the greedy Pekak Badak would never care.

Scream for help, the horny Pekak Badak fears nothing once a female fancies it's imagination. Be it's own kind or not. A local rhino will never hesitate to mate with a rhino from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Mongolia..etc.

Plea as you wish but, a Pekak Badak will never hear you. After all, pekak means deaf.

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