Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Belakang Taro 2

A turning point for Hindraf: Moving over to the BN fold

After the dust and commotion has settled and the anger and hostility has faded, Kg Buah Pala may well be remembered as the turning point when Hindraf finally moves over to the Barisan Nasional fold.At a time when Hindraf’s popularity is ebbing and the movement split and floundering, Kg Buah Pala has been a godsend for Waythamoorty and his brother Uthayakumar to boost their flagging popularity.

A non-racial dispute between residents and developers has been blown up into an ugly racial issue by Hindraf and the residents instigated to be uncompromising and hard-nosed in not accepting compensation even though they had all but lost their land with the Federal Court ruling against them.

Kg Buah Kepala Bana tu, masa zaman Tsu Koon lagi dah kena lelong kati.

Dey macha.. apa ini dey?
Mau belakang taro lagi ka…Otak belakang taro ka?

Tara tahan itu anu suda kena picit Kamunting dalam ka macha?
Mau warganegara itu IC dalam taro..

Mau itu BN dalam dudo la..

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