Monday, July 6, 2009

Get Your Own Water Supply

We cannot go about with our lives without a clean and proper water supply. Businesses and our daily activities can be disrupted without this basic necessity. In recent times, there are so many complaints regarding our water supply. Efficiency is asked, yet consumers are left wanting. Reputable company managing water supply promising answers and new ideas but services rendered are still below par.

There is one solution to address the situation. Get our own water supply.

This supply system costs RM10,000-00 comes up with:-

• A well
• A tower
• Two heavy duty PVC tanks
• 2 electric pumps
• A heavy duty water filter
• PVC piping
• Inlet and outlet valves.

Highly recommended to housing units in the rural areas or in the area with constant problems of low pressure or inadequate water supply for everyday use.

Suitable for hotels, chalets or rest houses, which thrive on delivering excellent services to the customers.

In the area of excellent water supply, this supply system also can act as a back up system in case water shortage occurs.

For further inquiry please contact: En Taufik Mohamad Nor 012-399 0280
Alternatively, simply leave a message on this page.

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