Monday, July 6, 2009

Halal Restaurants in Sarikei, Sarawak

Unlike in the Peninsular Malaysia, halal restaurants in Sarawak are very hard for newcomers to find. In most towns of Selangor, Perak or Penang, halal hawkers/restaurants are everywhere in the forms of the mamak restaurants, Malay hawkers at the back alley or the ever present southern Thais tomyam eating-place.

However, here, be it in Kuching, Sibu, Sarikei or Daro, finding halal restaurants is quite a task. There are very few halal restaurants in Sarawak and to make matters worse, some of them are just too far from the town centre, thus making it difficult to be noticed. Some newcomers just resorting to KFC for the first few days before finding the halal eating-place.

Actually, there are quite a number of Malay/Melanau hawkers in the town centre but their operating place, which is inside a Chinese cafe make it inappropriate in the eyes of some Muslims customers.

There are two restaurants wholly owned by Muslim in Sarikei, which are Nasi Dagang Islamic Café and Ramzan Café, and the ethnic Melanau operates both. Nasi Dagang Islamic Café is located by the river, right smack in front of Terminal One jetty while Ramzan Islamic Café is much easier to be spotted; it is sandwiches among the banking premises along the main road of Sarikei.

Though the menus are not as rich as what they selling back in Peninsular, but a least Muslims are pleased with what they are eating.

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