Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Huge Bird Nest in Daro, Sarawak

This huge structure is located at the roadside on the road leading to Matu, the nearest town next to Daro. It looks 4 stories high. A commanding and imposing structure by the roadside.

The sole purpose of this structure is to provide a place for swifts to build their nest. A loudspeaker is used to play some specially designed tunes repeatedly to attract swifts to the structure. As a result, swifts will come in droves and build their nest there.

A bird nest is constructed of grass and the bird’s saliva. The saliva acts as glue to stick the grass and feathers together to build the nest. Over a period, the glue will harden and strengthening the nest in the process.

Bird nest is essential in Chinese medicinal practice and for making bird’s nest soup. The precious part is the hardened saliva, which is believed to have some medicinal properties. Processed bird nest available on the market does not comes cheap, a high quality type can command 4 figure price for a few grams.

It is a lucrative industry. No wonder some shop owners in town are converting their upper floor of their shop into a place for swifts to build their nest.

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