Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Unsung Heroes of Independence

Rosli Dhobi

Pak Sako

Dr Burhanuddin Helmi

Ahmad Boestamam

At the mention of Independence of Malaya in 1957 what will surely spring into our mind are Tunku Abdul Rahman and his image of a clenched fist pointing heavenwards. But some historian begs to differ because it will be very unfair to only associate independence with Tunku and his delegates to London alone.

Our independence was achieved on a silver platter after rounds and rounds of discussion during Tunku and his delegates stay at the London luxurious hotels and after games of golf perhaps. We didn’t achieve it through blood and tears like Indonesia.

Again, a prince alone cannot take all the credi. It will do injustice to the other freedom fighters. Those fighters fought as fiercely and as bravely to achieve our independence from the British. But sadly, our history thought to us gives them very little credit. Some of them are accused of being leftist or worse they are being labeled communist.

Historians agree, they are freedom fighters too, the unsung heroes of our independence. They are denied a place in history simply because they refused to bow to the British demands. Some were captured and put behind bars while some just vanished.

All of them are gone now but will be long remembered

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