Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quaint and Quiet Daro, Sarawak

Most of the towns in Sarawak are located by the river and Daro is not an exception. Daro is a small township situated at the riverbank of Sg Daro. The exact figure of the population is unknown and Melanau and Chinese are the majority groups. They co-exist with other small ethnic groups as well.

Upon reaching the jetty at Daro, it is hard to miss the giant Terubuk replica erected by the roadside near the jetty. The reason why the replica is there is unknown, maybe as reminder that Daro once was a fishing village or that Terubuk is aplenty in Daro.

Nearest towns to Daro are Sibu, Sarikei and Mukah and the most popular method to reach there is by the river though there are tarred roads as an alternative. Boats of various shape and size line up the jetty ready to offer their services.

For a small town, Daro has all the necessities for its inhabitant. It is a tidy town, important government offices line up along the main road and easily spotted and accessed.

As for tourism, Daro is offering none and this township is not even on a holidaymaker’s map. Daro lacks the star attraction to woo tourists and it looks like not much can be done.

For newcomers looking for halal food, they just have to wander along it streets. Locals are friendly and accommodating. It is not that difficult to spot a stall selling one. In the evening, there is an open air eating place opens for business. Just wander around.
Daro is a quiet small town catering just to the need of its inhabitants and without the intention to please tourist.

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