Saturday, July 4, 2009

Si Lahanat Terjun dgn Labu2nya & Duit Berbilion-bilion.

The age old adage goes ‘power corrupts’. Oftentimes we hear that phrase. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. History is full of examples of how power corrupted men and leads them to despair and destroyed them eventually. It has brought down countless empires, nation and organisation.

Power is intoxicating. Not many men are blessed with the ability to execute it with care and wisdom. Many have fallen prey by their own making. Creating hardship to the people who look upon them for leadership. People in power tend to abuse it.

Power is abused everywhere, in every fabric of the society. It happens when people bestowed with power acts solely in their self interest, not for the interest of many. Greed, hatred and insecurity are among of the many reasons.

Sadly in many cases of corruption, it brings along untold damages to the masses. The masses suffer the most. Not the prepreators. To make matters worse, some prepreators got away scoot free.

The ManaBolehland is no exception. This blessed land is not spared either. Even though the scale is not big enough to bring the government down like what has happened to our neighbour, the statistics is frightening nevertheless. Tell tales are for all to see. It points to the same direction as what has been experienced by Indonesia.

We are not a failed state yet, but we are moving to that direction if steps are not taken to counter the menace of corruption. Yet we still say tara pa pa...

Si lahanat terjun dgn labu-labunya dgn duit berbilion-bilion,

Biarkan, biarkan..

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