Monday, July 6, 2009

So Near Yet So Far

This is the only medical facility available for the people of Paloh, Sarawak and the neighbouring islands. Since it was set up on an island among clusters of neighbouring islands, the only way to reach clinic is by the sea. The journey with a fishing boat to reach the Klinik Desa from Kg Sebako of Pulau Bruit may take 45 minutes. It may be more or less the same from the other islands too. For those who own a speedboat, the time to make the journey surely will be a lot shorter.

Attendants staff the clinic at most of the time. Well, once in a blue moon a doctor may conduct a visit. The clinic treats minor cuts, dispensing medication or conducting regular check-ups for pregnant women.

Due to the distance and the hassle to get there, some people in the neighbouring islands just never bother about the existence of the clinic. The will make do with whatever medication they have at home.

It is high time indeed to set up a medical facility on each island to serve the people, because accidents, misfortunes and emergencies can occur at any time. It will be so unfortunate when people in need are denied access to this most basic need.

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