Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TUNgkek di Afrika.

PAS’ peace gesture insincere, says Mahathir

KAMPALA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad described the willingness of Kelantan PAS to work with the Federal Government as insincere and politically motivated.

“I have had my experience with PAS leaders when it was in Barisan Nasional. They only tried to strengthen their party instead of the Barisan government,” he said on the sidelines of the 19th Global Smart Partnership Dialogue 2009 here yesterday.

Hehehe TUNgkek bubuh kaki dalam mulut dia lagi.

Hehehe jauh TUNgkek merayau mencari pendengar dia nak meracau.

Pungkoq dah pipih,

Badan makin melengkung.

Sebab PAS insincere lah, Kelantan makin maju..tongong.

Sebab PAS insincere lah, TUNgkek tak pernah menang kat Kelantan.

Sebab PAS insincere lah, jemaah haji paling ramai dari Kelantan.

Sebab PAS insincere lah, sales Tesco paling tinggi kat Kelantan.

Sebab PAS insincere lah, kedai emas Melayu banyak kat Kelantan.

Kedai kain Melayu banyak,

Bengkel kereta Melayu banyak,

Tapi China doll, Mongol doll, Tibet doll, Boyan doll tak banyak kat Kelantan.

Nota: Kampala dah pergi. Kerala, India bila nak jenguk?

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