Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Belakang Taro 3

A turning point for Hindraf: Moving over to the BN fold

Faced with the changing political and social environment, Hindraf has pondered its future and decided to turn itself into a political party called PAHAM (Parti Hak Asasi Manusia). The lack of an Indian term in the name could indicate it may be multi-racial but if so, this is academic with Hindraf’s obsession in championing Indian rights only.

Insisting that PAHAM will remain independent is unrealistic as an Indian based political party must latch on to a multi-racial coalition for its political fortunes and this can only be PR or BN.

But PR’s multi-racial politics can never satisfy Hindraf’s demands for special affirmative action for Indians so BN’s race-based politics present a better fit.

Lagi tambah satu tambi!!

IPF adaa.. MIC adaa..Kayveas adaa.. NUBE adaa.. MTUC adaa.. Samy Voodoo adaa.. Pandithan adaa ..Otak tara jugak!

Lagi mau satu tambah ka?

Kapal mau karam tara takot ka macha.. he he

Tara PAHAM ka?

Aiyoo macha, passport suda angkat mari? Manyak baik sama boss.. he he manyak baik

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