Monday, August 3, 2009

Opps.. silap lagi

South Korea fishing boat held in North

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea towed a South Korean fishing boat to one of its ports on Thursday after the vessel inadvertently strayed into its territorial waters, a South Korean military official said.

The incident, probably the result of a broken navigational system, comes at a time of chilling relations between the two and an increasingly militant North that analysts say is in the midst of a sensitive process of resolving the leadership succession in Asia's only communist dynasty.

Silap lagi,

Ingatkan bot dari Port Klang

Kalau bot dari Port Klang, mesti sarat dengan duit,

Payment kena settle,

Lagi pun Obama dah telefon,

Bila nak bayar ni Mat bijaN?

Lama dah tunggu

Nak aku telefon lagi ka?

Jangan tipu aku macam lu tipu 1 Malaya.

Kalau Kim telefon hang lagi naya

Bukan. Bukan bot dari Port Klang.

Bot Korea Selatan,

Tapi dah settle ke blom?

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